Commendable Presidential Gesture!

Men and women of timber and calibre are known not by the way they pull themselves around but rather by how well they keep to their promises. A promise; common knowledge teaches, is a debt and people of integrity who make promises strive; irrespective of circumstances, to live up to expectation. President Paul Biya is by every means a trustworthy leader who says what he does and does what he says. To say the least, a man of his words; challenges aside.
The fresh recruitment of 549 lecturers into the country’s State-owned Universities lends credence to the Head of State’s commitment to better prepare his fellow young compatriots for the challenging tomorrow. It is no news to anyone that the world of today and certainly that of tomorrow is for those who can comfortably compete for whatever position anywhere. 
What makes the current recruitment peculiar is the context under which the intake is done. No one is certainly oblivious of the devastating consequences of the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic on lives and livelihood. Many are losing scarce jobs and others are having pay packages downsized owing to the limping nature of national and global economies. Surmounting the challenge to pursue with the recruitment of PhD holders announced a few years back easily calls for celebration. In effect, the Head of State on 13 November 2018 announced special recruitment of some 2,000 fresh lecturers into State Universities over a period of three years. The first phase already saw the recruitment of 1,000 lecturers and the current one; the second phase, which has absorbed 549 others is a logical evolution of the executive decision.  549 fresh jobs and high-level ones for that matter, at a perplexing moment, is telling of a leader’s goodwill. 
Recruiting two thousand (2,000) PhD/Doctorat holders as lecturers in Cameroon’s State universities when the exercise will round off aptly translates the Head of State’s strong desire not only to absorb qualified and sometimes idling youth but, equally a giant step towards enhancing better knowledge sharing and laying a solid foundation for  the country’s youth. 
Understandably so as the Head of State has been constant on his appeal that youth should avail themselves of government’s indefatigable efforts to sharpen their skills for a better and responsible future. For instance, in his Youth Day address on February 10, 2018, Mr Biya reminded youth that, “Each of you is a star in our sky. You are the ones who light up Cameroon. You represent the positi...



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