A Pin in the Corruption Balloon

One of the outstanding blockages in the whole gamut of tax payment process for businesses in Cameroon has been dismantled. The news came like a pleasant surprise to actors in the business sector. In effect, on 26 May this year, the Director General of Taxation issued a circular completely cancelling the provision of location plans by business applicants duly signed by services in the taxation department. The practice of obtaining such a document was such a bitter pill for businesses to swallow that many would rather prefer to drop the whole idea of creating an enterprise than to spend time and money in search of the famous location certificate. First, the application for the document needed to be typed and stamped. Second, it needed to be authorized and a signed certificate or attestation issued to clear the way for business to begin.
This decision is one of the measures aimed at significantly reducing the number of contacts between the tax payer and the tax administration. From every indication, too much contact between the two actors contributes greatly in widening the doors of bribery and corruption, an ailment that has so far tarnished the image of the taxation department. The new administration seems to be up to the task and wants to put an end to the practice that is known to have resisted the test of time. With the new system, the only contacts that will be unavoidable will be during forced recovery and moments of enterprise control.  The new dispensation is quickly hailed by tax payers and is expected to motivate prompt declaration of taxes. The decision equally clears the dark clouds that have alw...



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