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One of the sectors that has and continues to give government sleepless nights is roads. Most politicians who succeed to climb to the helm of power know the greatest bait to capture the people is the construction and maintenance of roads. According to one of the careless opinions aired by a Cameroonian citizen, it was thanks to the exigencies embedded in the construction of the Ring Road in the North West Province at the time that multiparty politics resurfaced in Cameroon. How far that is true is another issue but what remains clear to the minds of many is the fact that road construction is in the centre of development. The past years in Cameroon have witnessed a multiplicity of controversies surrounding the building of roads especially in some parts of the country. The will of the government remains afloat as many of such projects are conceived, memorandums of understandings signed, financial agreements reached at but the rate of execution remains regrettably low. The question many are asking is who is holding back the rope of road development in Cameroon?
From every indication, the blame to this disturbing blockage is collective even though stakeholders keep throwing stones at each other. In an attempt to dig deeper in order to know the cankerworm holding back road construction in Cameroon, CT identified two major projects that have caused a lot of ink to flow. These are the famous Babadjou-Bamenda Road linking the West to the North West Region and the Mora-Dabanga-Kousseri road in the Far North Region. What a hell could be responsible for halting two major projects that have already been negotiated and finances made available? The answer does not seem to be blowing in the wind. The first blame is being levied on insecurity. If insecurity is the issue what could likely be the second, third or even fourth blame? Rather than trying to find blame and probably arriving at the wrong one, it is important to state inter alia that the road is a very important development factor that ought not to be toyed with.
The story of the nefarious consequences of the advanced state of decay of the Babadjou-Bamenda road is sad to tell. First, this road is supposed to be part of the trans-African highway that was meant to serve several African countries including Cameroon and her neigh...



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