It Pays To Be Vaccinated!

The current debate on the merits and demerits of getting inoculated against the Coronavirus pandemic is interesting at least judging from the flow of questions and answers on existing vaccines. In effect, the level of curiosity of the population on issues that have to do with their health tells of the apparent care each and everyone wants to give to irreplaceable human life.
But for one thing, what the dreaded Covid-19 has shown the world, no country or continent indifferent; should have warranted that the population hangs unto any slightest opportunity to clip the wings of the destroyer of lives and livelihoods. It is no news to anyone that ever since the virus cropped up in Wuhan, China and quickly spread to the rest of the world, life has not been the same again. Socio-economic activities have been brought to knee level and millions of breadwinners in families have perished and were buried under undignified conditions. 
Those spreading anti-vaccine messages may argue that it is their right to do so, but there is need for individual, national and global consciousness to safe what can still be from the virus.  As controversial as the origin and raison d’être of the virus has been, the world has to stand up to eradicate it or at least attempt limiting its spread. Bringing up another controversy on the vaccine against a divisive virus is adding salt to already deep but still awfully fresh wounds. 
It is almost a fact and medics have said so that not all the vaccines have the same efficacy rate. The Covid-19 vaccines like those of some ailments are not for immunity, but at least they serve as a shield against the dreaded virus. It has been established that despite the record speed at which the vaccines have been developed, Covid-19 jabs have still been subject to the same checks, balances and scientific and regulatory rigour as any other vaccine, and shown to be safe.  This is assuring that they have the propensity to protect the vaccinated. In fact, information from the Global Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) indicates that unprecedented combination of political will, global collaboration and funding enabled the rapid development of Covid-19 vaccines, without compromising safety and that currently available Coronavirus vaccines have been demonstrated to be safe for adults of various ages, as well as those with chronic health conditions. But there are a few groups who should avoid being vaccinated for now. People know which to take, why, when and how. 
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