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News that players of the elite one football championship will resume play this Wednesday July 7, 2021 after over two months of undesired recess owing to wrangling with the organiser over unpaid subvention to clubs is certainly heart-soothing. Consoling for the players to resume activities in a sport they so much cherish, but also for the country to safe face. 
Delaying a championship for over two months on the basis of supposed subventions that would at last be paid is obviously time-wasting. Doing so at a time the continental football governing body is awaiting national representatives for next season’s CAF Champions League and CAF Confederation Cup deals a blow on the national image. It becomes even more disturbing when such a shabby organisation of the local championship is coming from a country bracing up to receive the continent in less than half a year to showcase the king sport. Asking and obtaining an authorisation from CAF vis-a-vis designating the country’s flagbearers for next season’s CAF competitions shouldn’t in any way be seen as victory. 
Disagreeing to agree at least to resume the championship is no doubt good; belatedly though. Better late than never, some would say! But, stakeholders shouldn’t fête the mere fact that the championship is resuming. They need to work tooth and nail in seeking durable solutions to problems that bedevilled it to a point of keeping players off the pitch for over two months. 
Superficial solutions might appear good in the eyes of the public who simply want to hear that the championship has resumed and may be serve them the opportunity to watch the spectacle that the games might provide; if at all there could be any good football under such conditions. 
To say the least, the challenges of Cameroon’s football are so complex to be handled with short-term solutions. Fingers are obviously crossed hoping that the deal reached for the current championship to resume is such that would take the season to its end. This would be a guarantee that the country’s representatives for the upcoming continental competitions would be picked from the pitches and not designated in the office as was already suggested.  
Even if that is the case, more has to be done to proffer lasting solutions to the disheartening, but al...



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