Feast Of Sacrifice : President Paul Biya’s Happy Wishes

This is contained in a bilingual tweet

Muslims in Cameroon celebrated the Feast of Sacrifice on July 20, 2021 with the best and happy wishes of the Head of State, President Paul Biya.

In a tweet, President Biya wrote, “Happy “EidAlAdha”- Feast of Sacrifice to our Muslim brothers and sisters.” The bilingual message of happy feast translated President Biya’s commitment to the promotion of harmonious living of all religious bodies and the State in the country despite the fact that Cameroon is a secular State. In order to enable the Muslim community in Cameroon prepare well for the celebration, the Head of State earlier declared the previous day, Monday, July 19, 2021 a public holiday throughout the entire national territory. In the Muslim tradition, the Feast of Sacrifice is the celebration of Abraham’s faithfulness to God. In the Coran it is narrated that God told Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son Ish- mael as proof of his faith. At the time he wanted to sacrifice his son, God gave him a ram which is he sacrificed and Ishmael’s life was spare d.



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