Ensure Quality, Respect Deadline

Information from the Ministry of Public Works that the process to link the Yaounde-Douala double-carriage road to the rest of the neighbouring localities and national roads is on a good footing is definitely reassuring. The worry by Cameroonians that such a revered infrastructure like the double-carriage road; in fact, the first of its kind in the country, could not be readily useful to the needy public is seemingly being addressed.  
At least linking the infrastructure to other roads in neighbouring localities will ascertain its usefulness to the population while waiting for the completion of the entire project. As the wait continues, those in charge of the project must bear in mind that the Yaounde-Douala double-carriage road had raised much enthusiasm in the population. Besides being the first of such infrastructure in the country, moving to and from the two main cities of the country has not been a wholly joyful moment for most commuters. In fact, traveling from the economic to the political capital and vice versa should have been the best experience for any Cameroonian or visitor to the country. But, the nature of the existing main road; likened by some to a near footpath and others to a death trap, has rather scared many travellers.
The Yaounde-Douala double-carriage road was therefore to solve these and other problems although its snail-pace execution rate and the hitherto absence of the links to other national roads dampened the spirits of potential users. Telling them that the connecting roads will be available in no distant future therefore rekindles hopes of better days ahead.
As the executing firm continues on the field, the project owner and the State engineer in matters of public works infrastructure must as well be vigilant to ensure that the quality of the infrastructure is not tampered with in the quest to deliver on time. Respecting the contractual deadline is very good considering the importance of th...



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