Salutary Decision Worth Pursuing

The resolve by government, through the Ministries of Finance and that of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure, to identify and evaluate fixed assets belonging to the State is visibly salutary. Even though the move that concerns State lands and buildings which begins on September 1, 2021 may, on one hand, be considered belated looking at hitherto cacophony and the losses the State has incurred over the years, righting the wrongs is better late than never, on the other hand.  
Cameroonians are certainly not unaware of how some citizens simply because of their functions at some given points or relations have patronised State assets long after their tenure expired with others even going as far as using such valuable assets for personal gain. It is inconceivable that someone could live in a State house for years after losing the function for which the accommodation was given. Even more mindboggling are situations where some of those illegal occupants of State houses let them out and collect the rents after their retirement.
The case of land is more or less the same. Selling State land or building on them without any remorse is rife. Ask them why and you would be surprised to hear statements like, ‘it’s my own share of the national cake.’ Shocking how citizens could reduce a country to a cake where he who holds the knife or knows one or two persons up the management ladder goes away with the biggest slice. This is self-centredness; to say the least! Disgraceful indeed!
Identifying and assessing the State assets with the view to integrating them into the State treasury accounts is a good step in the right direction. At least those assets that can fetch revenue for the State will be known. It is also hoped that others that would have been obsolete and whose rehabilitation could cost more than the gains could be given out and the proceeds channelled to the right quarters. Government should not afford to go borrowing and sometimes even begging when unscrupulous individuals continue to deprive h...



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