Need for Caution…

The recent decision by the African Union (AU), to mediate in the conflict pitting Ethiopia against the Tigray rebels just like in many others, has been highly acclaimed by peace lovers and criticized by war mongers, especially those who supply arms and other munitions. Though the idea by AU to mediate is not new as they have several times in the past months either called for a cease fire or sent special envoys to convince the warring factions to come to the negotiations table without much success, the good news is not the AU involvement or the appointment of a permanent mediator, but the pace and frankness with which the discussions would be carried out. We all have in mind how African countries under the umbrella of the AU have failed to interpret or implement their own texts because of personal interest or pressure out of the continent. 
On the present Tigray crisis, now that an experience and well acclaimed mediator has been appointed in the person of former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, what is important now is the neutrality and flexibility of those to represent the different parties in the mediation panel. Their openness on the table of discussion will determine the fate of the conflict especially on the side of the Tigray rebels who are already accusing the highest African p...



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