Conceive Novel Combat Strategies

If the fight against the manipulation of petroleum products is proving difficult to win; probably because of the complex nature of its network, those vested with the powers to control the sector must however not accept defeat. The dangers of the practice are such that throwing in the towel in combating the scourge would mean setting a dangerous pace which could take the country and generations down the drain. 
Siphoning fuel, mixing it with other products for better selfish gain and transforming homes to filling stations are dangerous and illegal activities which must not be allowed to blossom; irrespective of how sophisticated the network of actors and nature of activity may be. Besides being an economic destroyer, the phenomenon greatly endangers human life. The State loses a lot in the illegal business, the adulterated fuel poses a serious threat to the health of vehicles and those who carry out the siphoning can kill themselves alongside generations around them. 
Owners of filling stations who duly register their businesses and pay taxes to keep the national economy going are forced into unfair competition with unscrupulous people whose quest for gain is insatiable. On the competition terrain, those who want to play by the rules are almost always losers given that their opponents easily play on the minds of gullible population, presenting friendly prices. Such attractions pull many who careless about the quality of what they buy and the dangers of consuming such products in the medium and long terms. 
The complex nature of the activity therefore requires robust and flexible combat strategies capable of standing up to the challenge. It can be funny for control structures and agents to continue doing the same thing that was done yesterday which failed and expect success today. It is impossible, to say the least. Obviously, the hoodlums keep innovating strategies and creating new circuits to escape the vigilance of combat structures. Holding on to yesterday’s standard controls by forces of law and order which failed then and are failing today would be making a comfortable bed for tomorrow’s catastrophes. Action is needed to limit the activity.
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