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The pace at which the world’s climate is changing and the devastating consequences on man and his environment warrant a radical breakaway from the past in terms of words and actions. It is certainly no news to anyone again that threats of climate change are triggered by the burning of coal, oil and natural gas. In effect, studies show that 89 per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions come from fossil fuel and industry. This suggests that for the world to stand a chance of fighting climate change, fossil fuel must stay in the ground, among others. 
Unfortunately, industrialized nations that use the fossil fuels and have the huge industries; highest polluters so to speak, who led delegations to Glasgow and have been talking big, continue to subsidize the production and burning of coal, oil and gas to the tune of billions of dollars. When one considers available statistics which show that a third of the global carbon emission could be curtailed were subsidies to be stopped and the continuous backing for fossil production and burning, there is every reason to decry dangerously trending global hypocrisy. 
Little wonder, Cameroon; through the Head of State’s representative in his message, sounded an alarm; for an umpteenth time, on the need for all and sundry to desist from lip services and go for actions that can save the planet from collapse. President Paul Biya’s message that, “We are here to meet the expectations and hopes of our peoples. So let us show determination and political courage. Yes, let us be bold and wise,” was more than timely. Obviously so given the number of times the world has met within the framework of climate change summits with little or nothing to show in terms of achievements. Glasgow is the 26th edition of the meetings.
In order to mitigate global warming and reach the limit of 1.5 degrees while gaining growth points without compromising the quality of life of citizens, the other participating delegations have been coming up with inspiring proposals. Cameroon presented four. But the challenge remains walking the talk. If the world is still suffocating under the weight of climate change, it is not necessarily because world leaders have not been talking. But talking alone and regrettably insincere is not just keeping the world on one point but has the propensity to cause regression given the devastating effects of climate change on man’s daily life. 
For the COP26 U.N. Climate Change Summit to achieve its goal of getting agreement to curb carbon emissions fast enough to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius below pre-industrial levels, there i...



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