Why Hold Education Hostage!

One week already gone into the November 24, 2021 bestial killings of four students and a teacher of Government Bilingual High School Ekondo Titi, Ndian Division of the South West Region but the pain is still very fresh in the minds of peace-loving Cameroonians. How did we get to a point where going to school in the restive North West and South West Regions is increasingly being seen by some as a crime whose punishment is nothing but death?
In effect, the shameful killing of four students of Government Bilingual High School Ekondo Titi and their French Language teacher, coming one year after a coward massacre of seven school pupils in Kumba, tells of a free fall in morals and a deplorable holdup on fundamental human rights. To say the least, children have been taken hostage and their God-given and human-enhanced rights to education violated. It has been five years of frustration, five years of wandering in the wilderness and five years of impasse for the children. Damaging indeed!
Unbelievable how obscured political claims have taken primacy over the academic and moral upbringing of innocent children whose only desire is to get better training and visionary upbringing so as to rightfully play their noble roles of tomorrow’s leaders. They no longer go to school at will. Fear of the unknown has gripped life in the North West and South West Regions. Worries of who will be the next to be shot are leaving the population confused. The hitherto education powerhouses; the North West and South West Regions, are today shadows of themselves. The wounds are deep and the damages so huge for the people and nation.
Perpetrators of these cruel acts have instilled a reign of terror in the two regions and continue to sacrifice the future of innocent ones. What a disgraceful act, worse still at a time the world is increasingly becoming competitive with people being judged more on what they can offer. Denying children, the right to education, is putting them on a disadvantaged position vis-à-vis others from elsewhere. This is pure marginalisation and cruelty of the highest order!    
Like the Head of State who condemned in strong terms the barbarism on education and the learners, many are still at a loss why priceless education should be mortgaged for unclear claims. Education, we all know, is one of the fundamental rights of a child and aught not, whatsoever, be tampered with. Those who have the age to bring forth children should know that failing to educate a child is synonymous to preparing him or her for doom. For, an educated child is an ...



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