Dialogue Is The Key!

The recent happenings in Somalia has left many people especially the Somalis themselves perplexed.

At a time when everybody thought the most difficult path to long and lasting democratic solution is on the horizon, has sprouted another inexplicable feud between the President of the country Abdallahi Mohamed and his Prime Minister, Hussein Roble. While the President in a communique announced the suspension of the PM following elections mal-practice, “The Prime Minister is posing a serious threat to the electoral process and overstepping his mandate.” The PM in his own communique said because the President had spent “so much time, energy and finances in frustrating the national elections” and was “derailing the electoral process.” he would not step down.

While both men are camping on their positions, what they need to know is that, the interest of the country comes first. Reasons why any decision taken by either the President or the PM must aimed at enhancing the ongoing political process in the country. In their various moves to fine-tune peace through democratic means, the PM has to know that, the President is the guarantor of peace and security in the country and his decisions are supr...



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