Good Governance At All Cost!

At a time when the world’s economy is grappling to stand amidst growing challenges, no country can afford to waste resources that are increasingly becoming scarce. President Paul Biya holds firm the view that only good governance can harness the limited resources to realise big dreams for the present and future generations.
In effect, in his 2021 end-of-year State-of-the-Nation’s address on December 31, the Head of State was unequivocal. Those who mistake the public wallet for their private pockets will not escape the heavy arm of the law.  Cameroonians are certainly aware of President Paul Biya’s unwavering fight against the vices of corruption and embezzlement of public funds. Having what some analysts have chosen to qualify as an entire government in prison for mingling with public funds is testimony to the Head of State’s resolve to ensure that public good triumphs over egocentric tendencies. Vote holders still tampering with State funds certainly want to forfeit their priceless freedom and integrity. They should therefore be forewarned. 
Reminding Cameroonians on December 31, 2021 that, “We must enhance public finance management governance by fighting corruption and embezzlement of public funds,” is another clarion call; for an umpteenth time from the Head of State, that must be heeded to. After all, contraveners should be reminded that, “Therefore, all those found guilty of financial malpractice or illicit enrichment will face the consequences before the competent courts.”
The Head of State’s outing is seen by many as a wakeup call for those still feeding fat on State resources at the detriment of common good to either sit up or face the music. Understandably so because the country has been struggling over the years, plunging deeper into debts and even draining water out of struggling citizens in the name of enlarging the tax base. It is therefore inconceivable that such hard-earned resources are siphoned thereafter into private pockets leaving the life-changing projects for which the money is borrowed to beg for execution while the beneficial population continue to wallow in lack and underdevelopment. 
Cameroonians need roads, hospitals, schools, potable water, electricity and other facilities to make life worth living. That a vote holder would take money meant for these to construct villas, stock his numerous compounds with fleets of expensive cars or may be hoard the money at home, only tells of selfishness which the Head of State strongly decries. Reducing the country to a cake where those in authority; implying they have the knife to go away with as much slice as ...



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