Render The Opportunity Productive!

While the ongoing 33rd edition of the Africa Cup of Nations in football continues in Cameroon with Africa and the world being served football made in the continent, business people are also making gains or creating contacts which could fetch fortunes in the days ahead. Although statistics may not be readily available on what business people spread through the five cities hosting the six groups could be earning thanks to the competition, simple observation points to flourishing business activities at almost all levels.  
Restaurant owners, hotel managers, air and land transport companies and even dealers in varied football gadgets are in for hectic activities from when the competition rumbled off on January 9 to when it rounds off on February 6, 2022 and hopefully thereafter. While supporters of the respective teams compete to buy corresponding paraphernalia as their support for the squads, transport companies are increasingly being solicited to move supporters from one end to the other. All the above finally end up in various eateries to celebrate their victories or console themselves of defeat since food and drinks are valuable at all times. Hotel rooms are solicited round the clock to host the football fans. There is thus bustling with almost all actors making returns subject to their sector of activity. 
The 24-nation competition therefore serves as a boulevard of opportunities for business people to make brisk business and or clinch contacts and contracts which could be beneficial in the short, medium and long terms. This is the other side of the electrifying tourney which can sustain families and the economy long after intense actions on the pitch must have ended. 
Cameroon’s strategic location in the central African sub region makes the country irresistible for many. Her rich and diverse cultures and even the dynamism of the population are assets which should not be taken lightly. Many who might have been hearing of this ‘Africa in miniature’ now have the opportunity to discover it in its entity; deeper and wider. It is an opportunity for both the visitor and visited to mak...



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