Digital Economy : Digging Deeper For Better Harvests!

President Paul Biya has been consistent with his young compatriots on the fact that the digital economy has a medley of opportunities for them and that many can carve a niche for themselves therein and brighten their future likewise that of the country. The Head of State is convinced that the digital economy today promises a lot of jobs for the youth and its evolution in Cameroon; which is a logical follow up of global trends, makes the sector a possible game-changer in the country’s sustainable development drive if well harnessed. Obviously so as information and communication technologies interest a good chunk of the youthful population who also have the energy and creativity to move with the changing times.  
A deeper look at President Paul Biya’s messages to the youth in the past years tells of his strong believe that irrespective of the dark side of ICTs innovations, the sector remains a gold mine which if fully explored and well tapped, can make life worth living for many. 
In his February 10, 2022 address to the youth on eve of the 56th National Youth Day, President Paul Biya reminded all and sundry of facts on the evolution of the digital economy that are too clear to be ignored. “Today’s new global economy is digitally-oriented, thus urging us to encourage young people to seize all the opportunities offered by digital communications, through their socio-economic adaptation and application.” He was simply true to existing global trends which show that the digital age is transforming everything notably; the nature of markets and products, how to produce, how to deliver and pay, the scale of capital to operate globally, and human capital requirements; all at relatively low costs.
The President of the Republic satisfactorily observed that, “Many of our youth have a remarkable mastery of digital technology, particularly through the creation of numerous start-ups in various fields. Understandably so as available facts are illustrative enough of a youthful population, full of potential, dynamic and ambitious in developing the digital economy. For instance; Authur Zang is today famous across the globe thanks to his ingenuity. The owner of Himore Medical, a company that produces and supplies Africa’s first handheld medical computer tablet (Cardio-Pad) which allows healthcare workers in the rural milieu to send results of cardiac tests to specialists via mobile phones is also into fabricating innovative respiratory gadgets. Oxygen National Network (Oxynnet), as the innovation is called, provides pure oxygen to patients in distress.  The system comprising connected medical oxygen production stations is said to be conceived to handle respiratory illnesses.
Other youngsters like William Elong and co with their first ‘Made in Cameroon’ drones and Churchill Nanje with his web and software development are among many young Cameroonians whose ingenuities are heading for the skies. Inspiring examp...



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