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Regions and Local Councils as local authorities are some of the institutions enshrined in the Constitution to facilitate and ensure equitable development of all parts of Cameroon. The development has to be carried out by qualified human resources.
In line with this, government in Law No.2019/024 of 24 December 2019 to Institute the General Code of Regional and Local Authorities makes provisions for the devolution of powers to Councils and Regions   to enable them carry out economic development. The local authorities have the duties to carry out development in areas related to the economy, environment, health, education, culture and sports. Local Councils that are already well established have been grappling with the development challenges over the years.
The Regions as local authorities will this 2022 effectively translated projects contained in devolved powers into concrete reality on the field.  After their first year of implantation in 2021, President Paul Biya set the pace for acceleration of their work in Decree No. 2021/742 of 28 December 2021 to lay down the standard organisation of Regional Administration. The decree specifically makes provisions for positions and the profiles of those to occupy them. There were equally decrees signed the same day concerning the devolution of powers by the State to regions. Specifically, the decrees were those to lay down the terms and conditions governing the exercise of some town planning and housing powers devolved upon regions by the State; participation of regions in the organisation and management of interurban public transport; tourism and leisure and environmental protection.
Regional and Local Authorities already have much  in terms of powers devolved to them and accompanying resources to take care of the local development needs of the population. Partners are there through the decentralised cooperation framework to help the local Regional and Local Authorities meet the development challenges. The Buea-based National School of Local Administration (NASLA) is ready to build the capacities of the Regional and Local Council executives and officials  for them to effectively carry out their local development missions.
Therefore at the level of the institutions...



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