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The raging friction between Europe’s eastern countries of Ukraine and Russia that is leaving enormous human casualties and huge material losses is utterly divisive and could tear the world into pieces if alliances are formed and support chipped in to whatever direction depending on perceptible interest. Cameroon, true to its diplomatic policy of non-interference in internal affairs of partner countries but very attentive to world peace and prosperity, is clear on how differences can be ironed out for all and sundry to live together in harmony. 
In a strongly-worded communique on the disturbing conflict, Communication Minister and Government’s Spokesperson, René Emmanuel Sadi made it abundantly clear that the situation is preoccupying to Cameroon. Reminding the world that peaceful settlement of conflict has always been one of the fundamental principles of Cameroon’s foreign policy was loud and clear. Without mincing words, the Government’s Spokesperson invites the warring factions to lay down their arms and undertake negotiations. In other words, frank dialogue, in view of arriving at consensual, lasting and mutually-beneficial solutions. 
The Cameroon’s unambiguous position vis-à-vis the Russia-Ukraine crisis is well-known of the country and its leader. Records show that Cameroon and President Paul Biya have shown that peace and security are priceless ingredients for shared prosperity both within and without.
Fighting can only rip a people condemned by location and time to live together and who have diverse similarities by virtue of their proximity like in the case of Russia and Ukraine. The raging conflict has the propensity to degenerate should other countries consider solely their interest in the conflicting parties and throw in their support with respect to what they can gain. Every household, society, country and the world at large are fragile and people should strive to hold more unto what unites them than the contrary. There has never been a victor in any war. For, one life lost in any conflict irrespective of justifications given by perpetrators is one life too many. The world needs solidarity to live together and not to tear each other apart. 
Calling for a stop to hostilities and inviting Russia and Ukraine to toe the line of negotiation out of the worrisome crisis as Cameroon is proposing is a clarion call to be wholly heeded to. Cameroon wouldn’t have opted otherwise given the posture of its Head of State whose peace crusading remains legendary. The world knows how well Cameroon and Nigeria used the magic wand of negotiation to journey out of a mindboggling conflict in the Bakassi Peninsula. 
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