Despicable Acts

Sad news about students caught in obscene scenes in the port town of Kribi some weeks back has continued to beg for answers. Following the arrest of the students, efforts by the State Counsel to dig into the matter exposed further atrocities by the kids and unfortunately, elderly persons who took advantage of naive students for sensual pleasures. Even more disturbing is the fact that well placed persons who are old enough to guide the secondary school students from wayward practices instead lured the children into such immorality. Attitudes of this nature which pave the way for outright moral deprivation present a bleak picture of what society is building for the future.       
While the kids caught in the acts in Kribi boldly talked of their quest for financial gains, this raises concerns how vulnerable the children could be and the help that they need from parents, the academic milieu and even the State. The law must reprimand every behaviour affects society negatively, while   elders who derail students for use as sexual tourists need to be made to take responsibility for their conduct. With the advent of the Kribi Deep Seaport, certain practices which were not so obvious in the past are likely to take a bigger proportion. Many people already knew that Kribi was a good destination for tourists to visit. That was even being actively encouraged before Covid-19 pandemic in 2020s. But even then, no one ever had reasons to promote sex tourism, especially when youth in the country are being placed at the centre as it is the case in the locality of late.     
Investigations being carried out on what occurred in Kribi with the exposure of a network of students being lured into prostitution serve as a deterrent to others. Until conclusions of such investigations are made known to the students, others may never understand why they should not indulge in such insipid behaviour. Given that the perpetrators are rich and powerful people who use their positions and advantages to either bring teenagers from school or other training facilities for sex tourism, the fear could be that they might use their influence and privileged positions to either derail or block the investigat...



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