Common Entrance : Candidates Write in Serenity

Examiners and pupils were in the different writing centres as early as 6 am on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

 It was a calm atmosphere that characterized the different examination centres in Douala as candidates sit in for the common entrance into government secondary general and Technical schools. It was a busy school environment that CT met at some of the centres in the Douala V subdivision. As early, as 6:30 am both pupils and examiners, were already present in their writing centres.
 While at the Anderson Lay sub-centre, the chief of secretariat Mr Hasimu Adamu said they were in school around 6 am to ensure that all was set. He said they had to arrange the classes and write out candidates’ numbers on the tables.  He added that all the invigilators were around to ensure a smooth start.  He disclosed that his centre had 455 candidates including 249 girls and 209 girls for the common entrance general while one candidate was sitting in for the Common entrance technical. He said the Anderson lay centre had 1classroomsms for 20 invigilators who were all present by 6 am. As per the timetable, he went on, pupils were to start with Mathematics papers I and II after which English papers 1 and II will be written after a 45 minutes break and by 1 pm the children would have finished. He said all the children were present and all was going on well.  He added that they have also ensured that Covid-19 barrier...



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