Forestall Devastating Health Consequences

The hygiene and sanitation problem in Yaounde; Cameroon’s political capital, is a vexing one looking at what has been said about the phenomenon and the state of cleanliness of the city at moment. While some have chosen to call the city a ‘no man’s land,’ others prefer qualifying it as a ‘vast dustbin.’ All point to the fact that the capital is dirty and its waste disposal mechanism problematic with some disposing of junk anywhere, anyhow. Near total anarchy! 
Recent moves taken by authorities of the Yaounde City Council to punish those found guilty of littering the streets raise hopes of better days; given that it’s never late to do good. What is yet puzzling is how well will the announced sanctions help in combating the deep-rooted ill! This is where the City and Subdivisional Councils need to adopt a ‘stick and carrot’ approach.
The population absolutely needs to be sensitised on the importance and manner of waste disposal; be it solid or liquid. Community leaders must be brought in to the struggle to keep Yaounde, like any other city, clean. They know their communities and can better constitute themselves with the population to ensure that refuses are disposed of where and when needed.
The City as well as Subdivisional Councils should as well ascertain that waste clearance companies function normally and specific areas identified and ready waste disposal cans placed therein to collect wastes from households. 
It is no news to anyone that waste cannot be left to compete for space with people and once the refuse disposal mechanisms are not well worked out or not optimally functional, the desperate population may be bound to throw their wastes anywhere, anyhow. This is very dangerous to health and the environment as hazardous waste storage or disposal frequently contaminates surface water and groundwater supplies and water pollution can also be a source of danger to many.  Arbitrary waste disposal is therefore a terrible life menace to be combated wholly by all.
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