The Right Direction

For more than a decade now, the impression most people have about Somalia is that it is a country permanently in war and political instability. It is a country where bombs and jihadists attacks are not only common, but normal. Very few remembered that Somalia had been the cradle of democracy in Africa during the 1960s. The recent organisation of presidential election during which the country demonstrated an exemplary model for the region, with an unprecedented peaceful power transfer in the election held on May 15, 2022, is enough testimony that the country is seeking ways to fully come out of its present feuds. Though there were a few disturbing tensions during the protracted election process that led to discordant voices and the international community anticipating adverse scenarios, the massive turn out and transparent results dashed the hopes of doomsayers and showed the world that Somalis no longer want conflict but peace. 
Hassan Sheikh Mohamud ran his political campaign with the slogan ‘‘Peace inside, peace outside!’’ and took 66% of the votes. The victory manifests the people’s common will for democracy and heralds’ new opportunities for peace, security, and economic development both in Somalia and the region as a whole. The way for Somalia to stand on its own feet is through rebuilding the institutional and social infrastructure that was destroyed during the civil war. To mend these fences, an inclusive political vision and a resolute will for unity are decisive. Resolving social and ethnic divisions and reuniting the country ...



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