Leaping Together To Restore Normalcy!

Hopes are high that the long-drawn upheavals in the North West and South West Regions which have titled almost all public attention and drained scarce resources for close to six years now, will witness a new twist and hopefully normalise for good.  People are fed up; in fact, they have suffered enormously under the weight of brigands disguised as ‘freedom’ fighters. Visibly, the peace-loving people of the North West and South West Regions can no longer support the atrocities teleguided from far and near and inflicted on them by their very own. 
Without any exaggeration, the once vibrant people who worked hard to live and let others live and who were purportedly said to be in bondage and so needed liberation have rather been plunged deeper into the abyss by hoodlums who passed for redeemers. The tactics used by their supposed ‘liberators’ are all but people-friendly. This should be an eye-opener for all! 
In fact, from complaints raised by teachers’ trade unions of the Anglo-Saxon sub system of education and Common Law Lawyers on what leaders qualified as the erosion of their values; which the Head of State said government fulfilled even beyond request; to calls for separation, the actual situation in the North West and South West Regions is outright banditry which keeps the population ill at ease with themselves. Kidnappings for ransom, scores settling, theft of valuable property and killings are the order of the day in the two regions. This makes life very miserable for the dwellers. When one takes into consideration the biblical connotation of a thief: implying he comes to steal, kill and destroy; then there is no better explanation of the current situation. 
Anyone who steals, kills and destroys is a dangerous element that must be dealt with accordingly. The forces of law and order as well as the indignant population have the noble task of rising up with one voice and in a concerted manner to silence the common enemy of the people and of the Republic.  Difficult for one to make headway without the other. Synergy is what is needed to restore normalcy in the North West and South West Regions now. 
The reinvigoration of the government’s insecurity combat efforts in the two restive regions, through the appointment and commissioning of Commanders of Military and Gendarmerie Regions should galvanize the forces and population to more than ever form a common front against the killers and destroyers of lives and livelihood. Without any doubt, the change of leadership understandably implies change of strategies which from every indication focuses on completely annihilating still-existing pockets of resistance so that life can return to normalcy in the once buoyant regions. Socio-economic life has been in limbo for too long!   
The population must have tested and seen what synergy can do in the sorry situation. Stories where the population rallied, identified and shamed the dangerous elements out of their localities are telling of their indispensable role in bringing back the much-needed peace and tranquility. Even where the brigands proved difficult to be managed exclusively by the population, their collaboration with forces of law and order has been judicious. The death, recently, of a self-proclaimed warlord - Field Marshal, has brought jubilation to his people in Lebialem today and this is illustrative of how people who have been imprisoned by their own can contribute to their liberation. It is he who wears the shoes who can tell where it pinches!  Reports even hold that school campuses are being cleared in the once-hostile Division in readiness for the next academic year. This is because the enemy has been silenced. The people played a key role and still need to step up collaboration among themselves and with security forces to completely wipe out seeds the ‘son-turned dreaded enemy’ planted in the Lebialem Division, the South West Region and even beyond.  This requires frank people-to-people collaboration and people-to-military cooperation. Synergy where one doesn’t shuttle between the enemy and the population to betray one another and where the forces of law and order professionally handle intelligence information and do not show any complacency with the enemy no matter the temptation. Simply put; mutual trust and actions for priceless peace! 
People in the North West and South West Regions need to breathe.  Their suffering has been too much. Innocent souls have been wasted and hard-earned wealth set in ruins by heartless folks who have given themselves scary names and transformed their localities into jungles. 
Brigadier Generals Bouba Dobekreo and Ousseini Djibo now manning the 5th Military and Gendarmerie Region covering the North West and West as well as Brigadier General Ekongwese Divine Nnoko leading the Second Gendarmerie Region covering the Littoral and South West Regions need the support of local forces (elite, tradition...



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