Going-Back-To Ancestral Roots : Nguti Cultural Values Pass On To Youth

In their mini convention in Limbe the importance of having schools operate in their area was also preached.

Various aspects of Nguti culture been rekindled and taught to youth by their elders. This was in a Mini Convention in Limbe from July 29 to July 31, 2022. Traditional dances with the display of Ekally Mbo, traditional songs, fashion parade and traditional dishes featured during the event. Youths were educated on various aspects of the Nguti culture and they were told to put it in practice in their daily activities. Values of unity and development embedded in them by one time Cameroonian Secretary General of the United Nations, Nghuan-Mbvo Nzo Ekangaki, a son of Nguti, was preached in the convention. 
Dr. Bernard Nzo Nguty, President General of the Nguti Cultural Development Association, expressed gratitude to the youth for taking the baton of command from the founder of Elati Bebum Cultural Development Association. He told them to uphold to the values and vision of their founding fathers. Ayompe Peter, Project Coordinator of Nguti Youths Global sounded of a successful holiday classes which ended in Nguti. That the holiday classes were a perfect fo...



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