Need For Dialogue

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a very rich and strategic country in Africa. Her vastness and topography are such that the government has been finding it difficult to map out durable strategies to end the high rate of insecurity in the north and eastern parts of the country. It is against this backdrop that the United Nations after putting in place MONUC decided to move a step ahead in 2010 with MONUSCO. Though their missions are virtually the same, MONUSCO has been more flexible in the implementation of its plan of action. But despite these efforts, the population and now the government seems not to appreciate the work done and are demanding the departure of the troops from the country. Their demands have been serious to the extent that, hundreds of people have taken to the streets attacking and burning MONUSCO installations. The protests have not only led to the killing of peacekeepers and civilians, but to the holding of emergency security meetings and expulsion of MONUSCO spokesperson from the country. 
Whatever might be the reason for these attacks and demands, there is always need for dialogue.
It is the right of the people of DRC to demand the departure of MONUSCO forces and also the duty of the government to take urgent measures when the population is not happy. But what is not right is to take these decisions without thinking of the consequences. It is true that DRC authorities some years back did express the wish to see the number of MONUSCO troops reduced by half. This demand many observers think is legitimate because of the huge financial burden incurred by the country. But unilaterally reque...



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