Continuous Process

The much expected National Inclusive Dialogue has come and gone in Chad with varied results. What matters is not the type or number of resolutions taken but the willingness of the Chadian people to sit on the same dialogue table. After more than eight months beginning from Doha in Qatar to N’Djamena Chad, much has been said and re-said on how to bring long-lasting peace into the country. From commissions to ad hoc committees, the different major issues dividing the Chadian people were debated on by participants with a final report now on the table. Though salient issues like, the extension of the transition to elections by two years, maintain the head of the Transitional Military Council as Head of State, allow all those involved in the transition to run for presidential election at the end of the transitional period and fixing of the presidential mandate to two terms of six years without any modification were topical on the agenda, the most pre-occupying issue now is the effective implementation of the measures agreed on by the delegates.
After spending much money, time within and out of the country, the authorities that be should get to work. All eyes are now on the President of the transitional government and his team. For now there is no time to waste. The immediate organization of a referendum as agreed during the National Inclusive Dialogue to decide the form of the State (federal or unitary), would be a big plus. No individual or groups of people have won a trophy at the National Inclusive Dialogue. The only winner is the Chadian people both home and abroad. Instead of sitting and waiting for politico-military groups, political opposition and civil society organizations who boycotted the dialogue to lay down arms and join the peace train, the different mediators especially the Qatar government, the Transitional Military Council and othe...



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