Too Many Hiccups In The Polity

Though holding power with the majority of seats in Parliament since 12 years today, Britain under the Conservative Party or the Tories has not had it easy. Of late, it has been trying times for the United Kingdom of Great Britain since the June 23, 2016 vote on whether or not to leave European Union, EU membership. Commonly referred to as Brexit, the gamble by then Conservative Party Prime Minister, David Cameron, saw the quit camp win the day. By only 51.9 per cent. As against 48.1 per cent for those who favoured the continuation of ties with Brussels.
The fallout of Brexit seemed to have unleashed an era of government instability. Compounded by the advent in 2020 of the Coronavirus pandemic. David Cameron resigned soon after the Britons voted to part ways with the EU. Prime Minister Theresa May (2016-2019), also from the same party, replaced Cameron. But was forced out by a vote of no confidence from her party’s parliamentarians. Boris Johnson did not last either as Conservative Prime Minister (2019-2022). 
Then came Liz Truss who was Prime Minister for only 45 days! From September-October 2022. She was forced to resign after avoiding a vote of no confidence from her party. Rishi Sunak has been Prime Minister since October 25, 2022. The first PM in British history of m...



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