Cameroon-Nigeria : Yoruba Community in Littoral Gets New King

During the traditional coronation, the Nigeria Consul General for the Littoral and West Regions called for continued unity, peaceful co-existence and a sense of patriotism.

Nigerians of Yoruba community in the Littoral Region of Cameroon have gotten a new king. HRM Oba Bashirou Aweda in his venerated title as Ilufemiloye I and his designated royal assistant, the Otunba, Dr. Azeez Mustapha, were crowned during a special traditional event that brought many resident Yorubas, other Nigerians and friends of host communities to Koumassi in Douala on Sunday, October 30, 2022.
According to field reports, the coronation rites for the Oba was performed by the Chairman of the Yoruba Community in the Littoral, Dr. Abdul Lateef Abdul Aziz Olaide. Meanwhile, in strict observation of the Yoruba tradition, the Oba in turn crowned his Otunba, also known as the second in command.
The coronation of Oba Bashirou and Otunba Azeez Mustapha came 21 years after they were chosen by the Yoruba community in Cameroon to lead them. The new traditional leaders were presented to the entire community in an atmosphere of praises that filled the area, as the people in one accord hailed their leaders in the Yoruba language, saying, " Kabiyesi Ilufemiloye, ki Bata pe le se; Ki iru kere o did okini," literally translated in English as " the chief who had been chosen by his people to be their leader, he did not inherit the throne."
The chieftaincy duty of the Oba as traditional custodian and leader of his people in Cameroon has much to do with the preservation of the cultural heritage, maintaining peace amongst his people, ensuring they live in accordance with the laws of the land and protecting the image of Nigeria while in Cameroon.  
The Oba and his Otunba were enjoined by the Consul General for the Littoral and West Regions, Queen Efe Alexandra Clarks-Omeru, to ensure that the community peacefully cohabits with their host community, Cameroon, whose government has over the years shown much support to their motherland - Nigeria. Oba Bashirou Aweda is the 5...



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