Douala Witnesses Hotel Boom

This has increased the region’s job potential by employing different categories of workers including professionals.

Hotels are a part of effort aimed at increasing the hospitality and catery options in a city – Douala is particularly enjoying a boom following the African Nations Championship and Africa Cup of Nations football tournaments it has hosted in the past two years.
When the continental tournaments were announced for Cameroon, many investors hoped that by erecting big structures for hospitality would be a source of profit and jobs. In a short space of time before the tournaments, about a hundred more hotels sprung up in the city of Douala. Over 500 of the structure now exists in the Littoral Region of which Douala is its capital; only one is 5-star, 15 4-stars, 30 3-stars, about 100 2-stars, more than 100 1-star, and a good number of other buildings furnished to provide lodging for tourists, aside from guest houses and inns which inundate the region especially the city of Douala, which most often plays the hospitality for those visiting the country and region for events of either national or sub-regional magnitude and for business purposes.
By this month of October 2022, a significant number of hotels in Douala feature hundreds of rooms occupied daily but with their peak during the two continental football fiestas; a sign that the hospitality industry is bouncing back after languishing for much of the Covid-19 pandemic.
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