End-of-year Feasts : Vigilance As Indispensable Safety Measure

The days and weeks are galloping towards the end-of-year festivities. Everyone should be fending for a happy year-end treat. But watch out against people of the underworld who may spoil your feast! On the one hand, honest citizens are toiling to muster resources to afford a comfortable time at Christmas and New Year. They work and earn genuinely, plan and reap honestly. On the other hand, the gangsters are taking various forms to kidnap, extort, bugle and loot for end-of-year pleasure. Yet, both honest and offending categories of society unavoidably meet at home, in the street, in the market, in a transport facility, in school, in hospital or in the neighbourhood. Sadly, the honest class is generally vulnerable in the face of crooks who want to steal or reap from others. 
In the face of contrasting means to have a good feast by year-end, the vulnerable honest citizens must find a way to keep safe from the pangs of crooks. Which is why some tips are often suggested by specialists at this time of the to avoid the “had I known” that is usually too late. People lose their lifetime fortunes in a twinkle of an eye due to such unfortunate situations. But vigilance or alertness generally pays and sets thieves into the net. This means that they can steal some of the time, but never all the time.
During this period, State security services are more than ever put on the alert to protect citizens and their property. Evidently, they are seen around banks, in the streets, in neighbourhoods and on the highway. The need for their services has been intensified as people get too busy preparing for the feasts. On several occasions, the Police and Gendarmerie services have acted promptly to save lives and property. Even more useful is their preventive presence at strategic places to avert criminal acts.
Collective Effort Needed
But State security cannot do all. That is why the first advice to honest citizens is that of consciousness and alertness at all times having in mind that everyone can be a target of robbery. The notion has often been qualified in the country as “Army and Nation” defence approach. “Those who will attack you are always close to you”, says the old adage. They are calculating you and your movements that they master well. They can even be neighbours. Or they may work through informant neighbours. The science of criminology presents thieves as people who are discreet, fearless, keen observers, patient, eager, confident, and always trying again another time. So, when you know the characteristics of robbers then it is possible to anticipate.
While moving in the street during a busy period like now, it is important to purposefully keep watch as day-dreamers are quickly detected for targets. Security experts quip to avoid ostentatious display. Keep away from making a particular route a routine, shunning to stop at crowded incident spots. Avoiding unnecessary stopping on your way. For vehicle owners, have car doors and window glasses wound up. If any vehicle is trailing anybody, it is important to slow and stop at a safe place while walking should often be in company as loners are easy targets. And with the current modern trend; experts insist that people must avoid being distracted on the phone.   
Burglars find their way to homes easily because they might have aptly calculated the dwellers. The thieves understand that many times doors are carelessly left unlocked when occupants leave the home or when they go to sleep. Thieves know when occupants are absent. And they discern what is in the house that can be stolen. If this is understood, why not produce a counter vigilance? The thieves also attack at the gates when occupants are coming back late.
Street pick-pockets observe the movement of their victims and see if they are lonely. In which case, such single loiterers are soft targets as they would not be able to fight back adequately. So, people who are conscious of their safety move in company. 
Noticeably, entrenched areas where robbery is intense include bus stations, markets, and bank premises. This means bandits know too well that in such places the visitors always have something worthy in their pockets or in their bags. At banks the thieves may just be in the vicinity watching for those coming in in and out in the hope that such persons have some money and can follow them into their houses for ransom. Security officials ...



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