South West : Nninong Clan Sues For Revival of Fading Culture

Placed under the patronage of the Minister of Arts and Culture, the Nninong Arts, Handicraft and Cultural festival “Ndieh 2022” has wrapped up in a colourful ceremony chaired by the Senior Divisional Officer of Kupe Muanenguba, William Ekema, who represented the Minister of Arts and Culture. The curtains of the weeklong cultural jamboree that saw a great display of a plethora of traditional dances, exhibition of arts and handicraft artefacts, cultural displays, traditional meals and dressing attires were drawn on November 19 in Nkack-Nninong where the ten villages that make up the clan gathered for the 3rd edition of ‘Ndieh.’
Before the grand cultural jamboree that ended the crowd-pulling festival, Nninong indigenes communed with their ancestors at “Ndieh” where they shared a common meal and drinks. Before the feasting, traditional rites and libations were performed as the people thanked God and their ancestors for the blessings on the land over the years. Another hullmark of the cultural festival was the immortalisation of Bakossi prophet Sango Adolf Ngole’bwelle with an imposing statue in Nkack-Nninong, Bangem Sub-division. The geat man, as his community calls him, who lived from 1901 to 1976 is said to have healed many from deseases using water and herbs thus earning him the name “Sango Madiba,” and had divine prohetic and healing gift which he used for the benefit of his community.
Several speakers during the main event at the Nkack Palace all stressed on the importance of preserving the rich cultural heritage of the Nninong people in particular and the Bakossi tribe in general. The Chairperson of the Organising Committee, Sah’ngwe Nkong Makoge...



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