Marché “Da la Mboa” : Valorising Agricultural Production

A mini agricultural show has been organised in the Douala IV subdivision to promote local production and consumption.

The esplanade of the Divisional Office of the Douala IV subdivision was the exhibition ground of agricultural products made in the region. On-site on November 26, 2022, agricultural products such as plantains, cocoa, cassava, egusi, palm nuts, coco yams, yams, pepper maize, fruits of all kinds, and a lot more were on display. Some of the products were transformed and were also on exhibition till Tuesday the 29 of November.
According to the promoter of the agricultural fair code name “Marché Da la Mboa”, Senator Patience Felicite Eboumbou, the event was a valuable opportunity to promote the food and production sector and to give farmers the leeway to exchange knowledge with each other. She added that the Littoral region has a lot of agricultural potentials that if well-harnessed, nothing like food foodstuff will be imported into Cameroon.
For her, the mini agricultural show was also a way to encourage the local population to consume “made in Cameroon” products. “This agricultural fair is a perfect chance for farmers to promote themselves and their business face-to-face with potential customers and clients. It is a moment for them to talk about techniques that they have mastered, products that they are producing, as well as some of their achievements over the years”, she added. The Sena...



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