Entrepreneurs : Local Solutions for Sustainable Digital Economy

These products built by young entrepreneurs and the quest to understand why these solutions are not consumed locally were major features of a recent conference in Buea.

Several business-minded people have embraced the skill to push forward the entrepreneurship and innovation agenda, by showcasing solutions young entrepreneurs build in the ecosystem and to understand why these solutions are not consumed locally.
This was during the 4th edition of the Silicon Mountain Conference (SMConf) that took place in the South West regional capital Buea from November 10 -12, 2022 under the theme: “Local solutions for a sustainable digital economy.”
The focus of this year’s conference was how to advance the technological course of Cameroon. The event was sponsored by Orange Cameroon. "Orange Cameroon is behind silicon mountain because silicon mountain answers to one of the needs of Orange Cameroon by bringing what matters to the communities", Noussi Giselle, of the telecommunication outfit told Cameroon Tribune. She adds that Orange had an open platform for education and mentorship for startups.
The opening of the conference featured a sports walk followed by a press conference at the Buea City Council Hall. 
The event proceeded with some activities held at the Chariot Hotel. Keynote speakers were Mambe Churchill of Buyam and the Paramount Chief of Buea. It should be noted that the keynote speakers are internationally recognized techies and entrepreneurs. 
There were mind-blowing activities and exhibitions that went as parts of the event. Participants got a close-up look at the latest technologies and innovations, all of which were exhibited by entrepreneurs, software engineers, graphic designers, and techies in general. Exhibitors, attendees, and even sponsors of this mega tech conference will benefitted from the opportunity to share and listen to different experienced entrepreneurs, discover new technologies and talents, network and most importantly build new connections and relationships that will push Cameroon’s tech ecosystem forward.
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