Douala II : Councilors Evaluate Third Quarter

This was during an Ordinary session that took place in the council on December 7.

Councilors of the Douala II council on Wednesday, December 7 evaluated the third quarter of the 2022 budget of the municipality. The ordinary session of the council chaired by the mayor Denise Fampou also featured debates on the 2023 budget. The session was also a moment for the mayor to elaborate on the projects carried so far by the council.
It came out of the session that for the 2022 financial year the initial budget of the council was CFA billion with surplus of the 2021 financial year summing up to CFA 457.078.820 million, credits transferred for the first semester of 2022 was CFA 55.875.500 million credits received from the PNDP amounted to CFA 52,281,478 and the allocation of CFA 10.866.666 million from the COVID fund, finally amounted to CFA 3.600.902.460 billion, compared to CFA 3.264.587.689 billion for the first semester of 2021. 264.587.689 million in 2021, which witnessed an increase of CFA 336.314.771 million in real terms and 10.30% in relative terms.
It also emerged that the revenue collection witnessed an increase. As of September 30, 2022, the council has collected CFA 2.186.499.637 billion as against CFA 1.304.688.414 billion same period last year. This registered an increase of CFA 816,352,183 in real terms and 59.58% in relative terms. The actual collection as of September 30, 2022 shows a realization rate of 60.72% as against 41.97% for ...



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