Gendarmerie : New Trainees Get Field Experience

61 gendarmerie officers have visited some structures in Douala, to better understand the security environment of the city.

Trainees of the first-ever commander’s course of the National Gendarmerie yesterday January 9, 2023 visited some gendarmerie services in Douala to get first-hand information on the security challenges in the Littoral region. The field visit is coming at a time when the city of Douala is faced with security challenges including threats from the so called “microbes” armed bandits which is yet to be put at bay. For the past months, Douala city dwellers have been sleeping with one eye open as everybody is on red alert.  The visit will also permit the trainees to complement lessons learned in class.
The course is coming after the 2021 reforms in the Gendarmerie which permitted the corps to organise it’s own training rather than going to the military training school which has been the case over the years. According to the commander of the Gendarmerie training schools and centers, Colonel Engozo’o Sylvain, the training is in line with the professionalization of the gendarmerie. He said after the theoretical part of the course, it was important for the trainees to get a feel on the field so as to permit them carry out their job well. “Douala is a border town and the economic hub in Cameroon so it was necessary for the trainees to come here and get first-hand information on the security challenges”, he expatiated.
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