New Bell : Elite Distinguished For Outstanding Performances

The award seeks to retell the story of New Bell as a neighbourhood that has grown beyond its former myths.

New Bell Awards 2022 have honoured outstanding inputs in different sectors of life for 2022. The awards were presented on Friday, January 13, 2023, at the municipal town hall in New Bell by Luc Perry Wandji, organiser. The Mayor of Douala II, Denise Fampou, and many others handed the prizes to the winners. It has gained prestige as the equivalent of the City council awards of excellence. He said the award will be determined and presented annually to sport, politics, economic, academic and cultural elite who are natives of New Bell.
Union Sportive received the token prize for the best football club. Other token prizes went to Singui Togo Vivianne as the best referee, Herve Kemgne as best sports journalist, Samuel Eto’o Fils as best footballer, Alex Siewe as best communicator, Leonard Chatelain as best radio animator, Issofa Njoya as best young entrepreneur, Jean Stephane Biatcha as best public personality, Robert Tchounga as best manager, among many others.
The winners were selected by a jury of more than 50 people both in Cameroon and in the diaspora. Luc Perry Wandji, who is also journalist at the State media Crtv, said his motivation is to tell the story of New Bell in another way: “All truth is not said about New Bell. So I wanted the award to tell the truth about New Bell. New Bell was tagged as a neighbourhood of crooks, delinquents and bandits. But the neighbourhood represents much in the history of Cameroon. It is the place for the start of Cameroon. This aspect of the story is never told. So, the award was to celebrate the resilience of the elite who have made as they grow up in a difficult and challenging environment. New Bell is a great, extraor...



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