Douala : Girl Fakes Own Kidnap

17-year-old Germine A. who claimed she was kidnapped on her way from school on Friday, January 20 is currently helping family members to ascertain her exact destination after school hours on Friday evening. Germine who is a nanny is said to be a student of an evening school in Bepanda. On normal school days, she goes to school at 6 pm and returns at 10 pm. But on that fateful Friday January 20th after she left for school around 5:30 pm, only returned around 3am Saturday morning with the excuse that she was kidnapped to an unknown destination.
According to her employer, Rebecca J. after searching for more than three hours, Germaine retuned and told her that she was kidnapped “looking at her physically she doesn’t look like some one that was stressed up or beaten. ...



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