Dental Surgeons : Request for Better Conditions

This was during the ordinary general assembly of their National Council that took place in Douala of the 26-27 of January 2023.

Dental surgeons from all over Cameroon are currently converging in Douala for their first general assembly after the Covid-19 pandemic. The general assembly that will run from the 26-27 of January 2023, will see the admission of new members into the Cameroon  National Dental Council (CNDC), evaluation of the CNDC and the preparation of the elective general assembly.  In her keynote address, the president of the CNDC, Dr. Tankoua-Sunou Chantal, said it was high time for them to do a retrospect of their organisation. She said so far the council has members from all over the 10 regions of Cameroon.
She used the opportunity to thank the minister of public health for all that he has been doing to improve on the dental sector in Cameroon. She also pleaded with the Minister of Public Health to reconsider the place of dentists in the ministry.
She pleaded that dental units in the different hospitals should be headed and managed by specialists. She also pleaded with the Minister of Public Health to include dental surgeons in decision-making positions in the Ministry.
She also pleaded with dental surgeons to be professionals when handling patients as well as respecting the deontology of the profession. She also urged them to be innovative as such they should move with the innovation that comes with the profession.



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