Possible Solutions To The Stalemate

Several years after signing the Algiers Accord, there are hopes that both parties might soon find a long-lasting solution.

Eight years ago, the Algiers Accord was signed between the Malian government and two coalitions of armed groups with the aim of stabilizing the country and integrating ex-fighters either into the army or the administration. Since the signing of the accord, it has hardly been implemented because of a strong mistrust between Bamako and the signatory movements, with both parties accusing the other of lack of sincerity. From the look of things, though there is persistent infighting among signatory groups and protection against the risk of the resumption of conflict, the possibility of breaking the deadlock are afloat. 
The first being a more effective implementation of the agreement by the two parties. Since 2017, the different governments have kept postponing the deadline for the referendum on constitutional reform. This reform seeks to bring Mali’s constitution into line with the agreement’s terms, particularly by setting up a senate and regional assemblies whose presidents would be elected through direct universal suffrage. 
It is vital to give more consideration and support to the process through the political elites and civil society organizations. Because they played no part in the discussions that led to the signing of the 2015 agreement, many have rejected the agreement. The 2015 text demanded that the Malian government should carry out public awareness campaign about the agreement’s content, but as the Carter Center observed, the government did little in this regard, paving the way for more public campaigns against the peace agreement than its support. Awareness-raising initiatives should be encouraged and focused not only on northern populations, but also on the population in the southern, particularly through the regionalization reform and the creation of a senate.
The top-level authorities of the signatory groups should be a more regular presence in Bamako, especially du...



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