2022/2023 Examinations : NW Regional Assembly Registers 805 Candidates

This is to enable underprivileged candidates to sit the 2023 session of end-of-course examination in secondary school.

Some 805 candidates from the seven Divisions of the North West Region will sit the certificate and end-of-course examinations organised by the GCE and BAC Boards as well as the Directorate of Examinations and Certification in the Ministry of Secondary Education for the 2023 session thanks to the FCFA  19 290 100 financing from the North West Regional Assembly. The Regional Assembly authorities handed the money to the North West Regional Delegate of Secondary Education, Ngwang Roland on January 19, 2023 just a few days to the end of the registration period for examinations organised by the GCE and BAC Boards, the Delegate disclosed.
Speaking after receiving the financing, Ngwang Roland disclosed that when the second term started, he did an assessment and realized that a good number of students had not yet registered and it was likely going to happen that they were not going to meet the given deadline. He explained that this was not because they did not want to register but because they did not have the means to register and sit the examinations. “We met the President of the Regional Assembly and he gave a listening ear to us. He requested that we should systematically identify these children. The exercise was immediately launched and after a few days we were able to identify 805 students who had not registered and who stood the risk of not registering by the deadline,” Mr Ngwang stated. He further indicated that these students needed FCFA 19 290 100 to have them registered. “Surprisingly, the President of the Regional Assembly Professor Fru Angwafo III made available to us this money,” he said. Upon receiving the money, the Regional Delegate of Secondary Education s...



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