57th Edition of the National Youth Day : Schools Engage in Different Activities

In prelude to the 57th edition of national youth day, Schools in Douala have outlined different activities to ensure pupils and students participate fully.

It has been a beehive of activities in most schools in Douala during the youth week. Most schools had a well-outlined programme to ensure their pupils and student participate in one way or the other. Most of the programmed activities that kick-started last Friday, February 5th which was Bilingualism day have been educative and entertaining. For the most part of the week, schools have been organising educative talks and conferences centred on the year’s theme including educative and entertaining games, gastronomy and cultural activities. Due to the limited number required for the march passed on the 11th of February by the administration, most schools have decided not to engage their pupils and students to celebrate.  
While at the PEPCAM nursery and primary school Ndogbong on Tuesday, February 7, even the younger ones were busy with one activity or the other. Art and craft work was the other of the day. While the higher classes were busy producing and decorating the Cameroon map, the younger ones were engaged in the production of the Cameroon flag. According to the Head Teacher of PEPCAM nursery and primary school Ndogbong, Tangufor Paul Nkengafac, it has been a hectic week for them as they have used the week to educate the pupils on this year’s theme which is “Youth, Moral, Civic and Entrepreneurship Rearmament, a Guarantee for Discipline in Building of a Un...



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