Education Is Inevitable

The Head of State President Paul Biya in his message to Cameroonian youths on February 10, 2023 on the eve of celebrations marking the 57th edition of the National Youth Day on February 11, 2023 assured them of government's resolve and efforts to create a brighter future through the educational policy and options. The country’s educational system, President Biya assured, is tailored to provide youths with the best possible training to make them competitive and capable not only of seizing the job opportunities available locally and internationally, but also becoming veritable self-employed entrepreneurs. Education, he stressed, is inevitable. He assured youths of the need to use their talents and skills to face exogenous and indigenous challenges, create jobs for themselves and for others in their capacity as entrepreneurs. In this connection, the youths have to continue getting educated. 
Youths henceforth, better understand the resolve of the Head of State, together with the government and other social partners to continue to make requisite efforts to create an environment conducive for youths educational and professional integration and development of their full potential. All these have to be made possible through prioritizing the development of the educational system with further emphasis on professionalism.
Every year, Cameroon’s educational map in the primary and secondary as well as the university levels   continue to expand with the setting up of new primary and secondary schools and universities. Indeed, Cameroon counts 11 State universities with each Region having a State university. Each of the State universities has affiliated highly specialized and professional institutions most of which take into consideration the geographical and economic potentials of the areas of location. The different institutions at the higher education level are created to train students and youths who are armed with the necessary skills to exploit the natural and economic endowments of each part of the country to create wealth, generate employment and ultimately boost the country’s economic development.
For youths who cannot pursue formal education up to the higher education level, the Head of State assured them of government’s determination to give them opportunities to acquire skills and get integrated into Cameroon’s entrepreneurial and job creation chain. He told them that government has set up vocational training centres of excellence in several localities and will continue to establ...



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