Embracing Virtues Of Creativity, Audacity

In moments of difficulties and hardship, it is obvious that human beings might be tempted to develop a defeatist spirit. Those who have gone to school for instance, and have suffered for long to get viable jobs see darkness in almost everything. Complex easily becomes their bed mates.  When one hopes against hope or simply put, becomes unenthusiastic, the probability for him or her to go negative and see themselves as the unfortunate ones becomes high. Good-for-nothing people, they feel. “We simply came to accompany some people on earth,” they would say. Regrettably, such a feeling attracts stress and pushes many into different ways of handling it depending on their location and company. The despair drives some to the perilous path of illegal immigration, others to deviant behaviours such as incivility, substance abuse, assault and many others into excesses that are increasingly becoming commonplace.
In fact, youthfulness in itself is a challenge as some out of either excitement or frustration are tempted to think that they can do just anything. But President Paul Biya believes Cameroonian youth need to stand out. They should make the best out of their youthfulness and be the assets the country needs to grow socio-economically today and tomorrow. 
Cognisant of the numerous challenges Cameroonian youth face and the tendency to tilt towards the wrong path, the Head of State in his 2023 Youth Day message galvanised them to stay focused. Mr Biya acknowledged challenges will always be a part of human life, but they must be faced with courage and determination. Underlining that, “I will always stand by you in this salutary battle, that of meeting your aspirations for progress and modernity. We cannot afford to lose this battle. I know I can count on you. You can count on me,” was therefore a veritable morale booster. A spirited call from a leader to his younger compatriots on whom the future of the country lies.  A push to surmount challenges while focusing on the final goal.
It wouldn’t have been otherwise when one holds the ideal that investing in their days of yore will guarantee a better future when today’s youth grow old. This explains why the President of the Republic encouraged the youth to continue getting educated. 
Above all, he said, “You should also continue nurturing the love for discipline and hard work, while allowing yourself to be guided by the virtues of creativity and audacity.”  A speech which looked like a timely sermon seeking to bring back perishing souls. For, discipline and hard work are increasingly becoming illusions in society where the thirst many a youth have for easy life is near unquenchable. Some would want to have everything without labouring for it. They desire the latest generation of phones, the most expensive wears and others even go as far as seeking t...



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