Compromise Remains Crucial

Disagreement between South Sudanese President Salva Kiir and his Vice Riek Machar does not date today. After going through intense civil war that left thousands of civilians dead and millions displaced, many thought the road to peace was visible. But far from this as the two main protagonists are yet to end their psychological and physical torment of their populations. After agreeing on the number of States, which is a contentious issue that determines the divisions of power in the country and the successful integration of the different fighting forces into the national army as stipulated by the 2018 accord, the two factions took everyone a back these last days with the issue of appointments. This time around it is the firing of the defense and interior ministers by President Salva Kiir without prior consultation of the Vice-President that has sparked another round of wrangling. To Riek Machar and his followers, the President’s sacking of the two ministers is not only a violation of the 2018 accord but also a declaration of war. To curb any escalation, the President must reinstate the two ministers. A request the President has been adamant to despite calls and several meetings.
But just like in the past, it is well known that both President Kiir and Machar have often made a lot of compromise since the country gained independence from Sudan in 2011. This time around, it is another opportunity to show their people that they are matured enough to let go some egoistic tendencies. On the side of the President, even though from the look of things a reintegration of the two ministers would be seen as a set-back to his powers, his refusa...



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