Price Hikes : Consumers Rights on Spotlight

Discussions on this matter were at the heart of the culmination of the 38th edition of the users’ privileges on March 22 in Douala.

Curtains dropped on March 22, 2023 in Douala on activities launched last week for the celebration of World Consumer Rights Day. The day set aside each year to raise awareness across the globe about the rights and needs of consumers, saw the coalition of consumer’s association in Cameroon demanding that these privileges be respected and protected. Week-long activities were characterized by radio talks, street sensitization and visits to some companies. It culminated in an event last Wednesday that saw presentations on different topics. The objective was to educate the population on how to treat consumers and the primary reasons behind celebrating world consumer day. A celebration which is also to highlight the fundamental rights of all consumers, honoring and respecting them, and making sure to protect them. 
The global celebration of this years was hinged under the theme "Empowering Consumers Through Clean Energy Transitions” and the contextualized theme was “Empowering the Consumer:  Challenges for Food Sovereignty and Access to Sustainable Energy Sources”. Reasons why the president of the coalition of consumers of Cameroon Prince Mpondo explained that since the 9th of March, they have been to Mbalmayo, Yaounde and Douala all in a bit to sensitize on the rights of consumer...



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