No To Violence

Kenyans are well known for their athletic records. Thanks to this sports discipline, the country’s flag has been raised in many sports arenas in the world. But these glowing records have at times contrasted with the ugly images that the country portrays especially in the political domain. Since the introduction of multi-party politics, Kenyans have gone through several unpredictable post-electoral violence. After the 2022 Presidential election that saw President William Ruto replacing Uhuru Kenyatta, many thought the old demons of post-electoral violence were gone especially after the confirmation of his victory by the Constitutional Council. Hardly did Kenyans and the world at large imagine a resurgence of violence in a country whose economy is virtually picking-up after the negative impact of Covid-19, the Ukraine war and the galloping inflation.
Triggered on March 20, 2023 by veteran political opposition leader, Raila Odinga, known to have a high quest for power after failing five times through the ballot box, the current nationwide strike which has seen two deads,...



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