Douala II : Councilors Poised For Development

They reaffirm their engagement to develop the municipality during an ordinary council session that took place on March 29, 2023.

Councilors of the Douala II council have reiterated their commitment to ensure the development of the municipality. This was during the administrative account session of the council that took place on March 29, 2023. The session also saw the adoption of the 2022 administrative and management account. It came out of the session that public Investment Projects (PIB) for the Douala II municipality for 2022 were realized at 100%, with the revenue collection witnessing an increase, roads were paved and rehabilitated, classrooms were built, hygiene and sanitation equipments provided and a lot more.
For the Mayor of the Douala II council, Denise Fampou, it was thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Councilors that most of the projects were realized.  She said 2022 was a difficult year but due to new strategies put in place for revenue collection, they were able to collect more than expected.  She used the opportunity to thank the Councilors for their constructive criticisms that led to the development of the Douala II municipality.  
Mayor Denise Fampou also revealed that for 2023, they will focus on the creation of green spaces and leisure areas within the municipality.  She said they have to map out strategies to mobilize more income for the realisation of their developmental projects. She added that they also...



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