Chamber of Surveyors and Adjusters : 18 Experts Sown In

This was during a solemn ceremony that took place at the Douala Court of First Instance on April 5th.

The Cameroon Chamber of Surveyors and Adjusters have sworn in 18 new experts into the fold. The solemn ceremony that took place at the court of first instance in Douala- Bonanjo on April 5th saw the new experts taking the commitment in front of the court of law. The 18 technical experts who were sown in will be integrated into different firms in view of their specialties such as construction and public works, industrial, electricity, IT and telecommunications, materials and computer. The trainees have been granted an agreement entitling them to an internship in the specialty applied for. The oath-taking ceremony at the Court of First Instance marks the end of their training which will be followed by the award of certificates.
According to the vice president of the Cameroon Chamber of Surveyors and Adjusters, Mister Feh, the swearing in is the most important stage in the selection of experts as it reveals the commitment and legal standing of the services that they render. He explained that in case of an accident of any kind of disaster, it is their experts who step in to evaluate the damage, the extent, circumstances, causes and costs of damage. He added that they ensur...



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