Logpom : Deadly Battle over the naming of a child

Doctors and nurses in a clinic were transformed into judges, lawyers and mediators, as they stepped in to solve the squabble that ensued over the naming of a baby born in their facility.

As the story goes 24 year old Calvin E. impregnated Odilia, his 20 year old girlfriend, 9 months ago. When the girl's family realized that she was pregnant, they parked her things to Calvin's house, forcing him to marry her. After several family negotiations, the family refused to take their daughter and Calvin assumed the responsibility. "For the past 9 months that I have been living with the girl, none of her family members visited us nor even called to find out how we were doing. I have struggled all alone and took care of her health bills and did some house whole chores, because there were days she wasn't feeling well and I had to do everything", Calvin said.
He further narrated that when the girl got into labour last Saturday 6 May morning, he called the girl's aunt who never showed up. Later within the day, he went on, they doctors said that she can't deliver normally, so they said she had to undergo cesarean section, which was successful done. The man said when she called the girl’s aunt that she just delivered through cesarean section, the aunt came while the girl was still in the theater while brandishing a name saying it’s the name of the baby. He told the aunt that the name of the child was the least of his worries, as he was anxiously waiting for his girlfriend to leave the theater safely.
By the evening, when the girl had regained consciousness, the aunt insisted that the baby must bear the name she came with. She said it was their tradition that since Calvin was not officially married to their daughter, they are the ones to name the child. With this, Calvin got furious and asked where the tradition was when they abandoned the girl to him. Calvin insisted that he is the father of the child, and must name his child. He said nobody will impose a name on his child. Serious quarreling ensued.
As Calvin's mother tried to calm the situation, Odilia's uncle stormed the hospital with ...



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