Day of the African Child : Chantal Biya Crusades Against Abuses

She made the call in a message on June 16, 2023 as the world observed the day nearly 176 children were massacred in Soweto, South Africa.

On June 16 each year, the International Day of the African Child is observed. Just like in other years, the First Lady of Cameroon, Chantal Biya, who is also the Founding President of the Pan African NGO, African Synergy Against AIDs and Suffering, moved by her duty to remember the Soweto massacre and faithful to her commitment to ensure the well-being of children, has joined her voice to that of the international community in calling for a halt to the many abuses and violations to which children in Africa are still subjected. She made the call through a message issued to commemorate the day which is in its 33rd edition.
In her message, the First Lady, a mother to many children, through her humanitarian activities nationally and internationally, recalled the massacre of children in Soweto in 1976 “aroused emotion, consternation and anger.” The memory of the tragedy, Mrs Biya said, is still vivid in the minds of many. Hence, she noted that there is an “absolute necessity” to spare no effort to build human environments conducive to the development of children and the youth. Although a great deal of progress has been made in protecting and promoting the rights of children, the First Lady of Cameroon reiterated that nothing should be taken for granted in ensuring the well-being of children.  
Mrs Biya who is also UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Education and Social Inclusion, revealed that today, more than ever, people have the means and the tools to go even further in efforts to promote, protect and safeguard children's rights. Drawing inspiration from the theme of celebration, “The Rights of the Child in the Digital Environment”, Chantal Biya noted in her message: “We must therefore seize all the opportunities offered by the digital transformation of our society, without losing sight of the risks to which it exposes us. The Internet and social networks, used wisely, can enable us to greatly improve access to healthcare and education for all, especially children.” The digital tools, according to the First Lady, can help build smarter cities, and modernise the economies to offer children a safe, healthy living environment adapted to their needs. Without over-emphasising on the challenges of the digital age, the First Lady of Cameroon urged the international community: “Do not forget that children are a precious resource, the future of the continent. We must take great care of them. It is a necessity and a requirement.”
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